About Me



My name is Priscilla. I’m a fun-loving, adventure-seeking wife, equestrian, and photographer. When I’m not working, you will find me at the barn with my horse or traveling (camera in hand) with my husband. 

My path to photographer came as a happy accident. I spent many years modeling in front of the camera and found that I loved the entire world of photography - whether I was in front of the lens or behind it. No matter where I was, I always had a camera on me and I couldn’t stop taking pictures. My casual hobby became a passion when I learned how creative it can be. From scouting beautiful locations, to capturing those moments that tell a story, photography is something I absolutely love. I’ve been so lucky over the years, that I’ve had amazing opportunities with terrific people who love to have fun and make my job easy to capture great moments for them to hold onto.

My style is very relaxed and casual. I encourage my clients to just be themselves and to have fun. I love capturing the true personalities of my clients and freezing time with a beautiful moment. I always come with ideas for our photo shoots, but I encourage my clients to share theirs as well. I consider us a team and I am very open to hearing ideas that we can build from!

Whether you are looking for family pictures, celebrating an engagement, expanding your family, or have a special bond with your horse that you want to capture, my wish is to help you remember the important pieces that make your life beautiful. 

Let’s capture the moments and save memories.